How CCAC Helps

How we help

Community Care Access Centres (CCAC) ensure that people have the care they need, at home and in the community.  Our Care Coordinators provide the key link between residents of the community and health care services and other resources in the community. They also work on-site in hospitals and emergency rooms to help people make the transition from home or to long term care. They are registered health care professionals, often nurses, whose role is to make sure that the care clients receive is safe, effective, timely and efficient. To ensure equitable access to our services, all CCAC locations use common tools to achieve consistent and sound clinical assessments for home care service planning.

Care Coordinators are committed to:

  • Understanding each client's unique needs, circumstances, values and preferences
  • Supporting clients in their choices to achieve optimal health and independence
  • Advocating on behalf of clients, identifying service gaps, seeking solutions and ensuring each client's right to access and receive quality information and care
  • Assessing and evaluating client needs on an ongoing basis, and ensuring that services meet their current needs
  • Optimizing each client's ability to achieve their goals, and measuring the effectiveness of service plans
  • Promoting service quality and ensuring the appropriate use of resources

We are Partners in Care
It is our goal to support individuals and their families to stay in their home for as long as possible. Our Care Coordinators work with clients and their loved ones to identify their care needs. This unique relationship enhances the development of the client's sense of empowerment and ability to live independently and make their own health choices. Care Coordinators are responsible for service planning and implementation, and not treatment planning and implementation. Clinical services are provided to clients by health professionals contracted by the CCAC or through other community organizations.

So if you’re looking for Ontario nursing jobs in a different kind of healthcare environment, or for information on necessary qualifications to become a Care Coordinator, please see our careers section for details on specific requirements for each CCAC opportunity.

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